Layering Pieces

Layering necklaces

Fashion is all about what makes you feel amazing, layering necklaces can give you an effortless but chic look with minimal effort.

Achieving a on point look by layering your necklaces is easy once you know what works for you.
It's a way to have fun and create a different look over and over. 

I personally like to put something simple on each chain and work with two necklaces to three necklaces. 

The first step is to buy a layering clasp, this will stop your necklaces from getting tangled and keep everything sitting where you want.

Two to five layers is best, I personally prefer two to three.

You want a focal point, the star of your pieces. This is your starting point; the remainder necklaces should showcase or complement this piece.

Next up is choosing your pieces, are you looking for a fun look, sultry, relaxed, on trend, colorful etc. When you look at a piece of art you will see layers, complexity, complementary elements and that could be a way to look at layering pieces.
Adding a gemstone piece, a chain without a pendant and a beaded necklace might be the balance you're after.

Pay attention to your outfit and the other pieces of jewellery you are wearing.
The best tops with layered necklaces are V-neck, scoopneck, strapless, spaghetti straps. If your necklaces are the focal point, then keep loud prints to a minimum.

Keep other pieces of jewellery simple such as stud earrings and a cocktail ring. 

Jewellery should complement you so have fun with layering.

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